Doll sized binder!

Hi everyone!

A while ago my family was browsing Staples, and my oldest sister found this super cute, American Girl-sized binder!


Right when I saw it, I fell in love. I just couldn’t bear how cute it was! The rest of the time I was in Staples I was just walking around staring at it and saying how cute it was.

(I think my sisters were getting annoyed.)


So I bought one, I mean how could I not? The colors they had where pink (eww), white (boring), black (too dark), dark blue (again, too dark), and teal (beautiful).

So I choose the beautiful one, duh! Here it is!


This is it, it is just like a human-sized binder you would get at Staples! It says it is a micro binder. It comes with 100 pages in it!


I took Molly up on the sunny, huge rocks to show off the binder 🙂

Anyway, Here is Molly holding it.


I have to admit, it is a pretty darn good size, and it’s not even American Girl!

If  you want a post on how I’m going to make it personalized and how I am doing it, tell me! (I hope so because I would love to show you!)

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed! Bye!

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P.S. It was $2.00.