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For craft ideas or requests. To ask questions. Or just to say hi!

I would also love to see your website if you have one!

4 thoughts on “Contact me

  1. Hi Hayley! So, I’d like to do a collab post with you. I had an idea for what it could be — a collab photostory series! I’d do one part, then you would do the other, and so on until we reach the end of the series. I came up with an idea for the series if you would like to do it. Oh yeah, and since we both have Emily, she would be the main character. OK, here I go . . .
    The Mysterious Mystery
    12 year-old Cory Rogers dreams of being a detective. She’s oped her own agency, but she only gets simple jobs (i.e. “I know why your waterpark is missing it’s water: it’s winter.”). But then Jill Carter, the new girl, brings Cory a truly mysterious mystery. They must put aside their differences (and the fact that they don’t like each other very much) to solve the case together — before time runs out.
    So, if you like it, we can do it. And, in your reply to my comment, if you could give me a list of your dolls that would be helpful. You know what dolls I have, so if we both have two dolls the same then the one that’s not Emily could be Jill. I’ll do part one, if that’s OK with you. But, if you don’t like the idea, that’s fine, too. Really.


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