About me!

My name is Hayley.

I’m 12 years old. Some other things about me are that I am the youngest of 4 girls and have two dogs. And I’m possibly the biggest fan of American Girl Dolls.

I got my first doll when I was 4, Molly. And then the next year I got Emily, her best friend. I wasn’t really into dolls that much until about 2 years ago. I started watching doll videos and I was obsessed. Then I had the idea of making my closet into my doll house and I play every day with it. And it keeps getting bigger and bigger. And last christmas I received Julie and the Our Generation kitchen set! Oh and before that I went the the AG place with my BFFL (Best.Friend.For.Life.) It was so awesome. My mom always was telling me, “Stop playing dolls and do your school.” Since I am homeschooled I could play dolls in the middle of the day. But my mom wanted me to do school, not play dolls.

Since there are not many sites that do that, I wanted to make this site to teach girls how to make cool things for their dolls, with pictures or sometimes videos.  I have wanted to do this for a long time and now I finally am! I hope you enjoy my site and have fun with your dolls as much as I did and still do.

Btw, I hope you enjoy my pictures, but please don’t share them or use them in any way without asking my permission.

Thanks! I hope you enjoyed,

 Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 12.15.21 PM

19 thoughts on “About me!

  1. I loved learning about you. You sound like me; I’m often spending the morning doing things with my dolls rather than doing lessons. xD
    What kind of dogs do you have? =)


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