18″ doll lunchbox

Hi Everyone,

Today I will be showing your how to make a lunchbox for you 18″ doll. The supplies you will be needing to make this are:



*Colored Pencils





*Glue Stick

*Altoids container or tin

First you’re going to trace your tin shape onto your paper,

and draw another one the same way.


Now you are going to cut out your shape


Now you will be gluing the pieces to the front and the back.

Now it should look like this!


You’re getting closer! The next step is optional. I cut paper and taped it to the side

just to make it look a little sharper.


Now you will be taping on your ribbon. Then decorate.


And there you’ve got your 18″ lunchbox! Happy Crafting.

Thanks for reading, come back for some more!

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 12.15.21 PM