5 things to do in summer.

Hi everyone!

Today I will be doing a collaborative post with Rebekah from American Girl Guide.

Rebekah posted the first part of the blog on her site, and I’m now posting the second part!

So let’s get started where Rebekah ended off. (Also, you may notice I chose a really cool effect to use for all of the pictures.)

Here are some things your doll can do on a summer’s day:

1. Have a friend over. I had Jessica over from americangirlguide!


2. Climb a fence. This is a great thing to did with friends, because you can have a competition and see who can get higher!


3. Go to the park!


4. Put on your suit and walk on water, or just swim. Cause you really can’t walk on water. (I figured that out, the hard way.)


Last but not least….

5. Take a photo shoot. For this one, you can get someone to take pictures of you or take pictures of your doll or your friends!


Well that is all I have for you today! Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed.

Make sure to check out part 1 at American Girl Guide. I am hoping to do more collaborative work with Rebekah in the future!

Thanks again! Byeee.

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