My thoughts – Truly Me

“Woah, Hayley’s still alive?”

Actually, yes, I am!

Today I’m going to be telling you my opinion on the new Truly Me releases. (I really hope I can keep my rambling to a minimum.)

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 9.28.00 AM

Recess Ready Outfit  ( $30 )

So cute! But what’s up with the boots? I would love to buy this, except for the price and the boots; I just don’t think it would be worth it.


Mod Monster Costume  ( $34 )

No, No, No, No, No.  Why would your doll need a halloween costume? (But there’s no pink! That’s the only good thing about this, in my opinion.)


Basketball Outfit ( $34 )

It looks really well-made, and I’m very happy to see it’s not pink… But I won’t be purchasing this set, since I don’t play basketball.

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 9.59.15 AM

Sparkle Sweater Outfit ( $30 )

All the items I think would be cute apart, well except for the shoes, but definently NOT together. Again, something I will not be purchasing.


Sparkle Socks and Leggings ( $12 )

I have a million pairs of socks that I NEVER put on my dolls so why would I want this? Definitely not for $12!


Tweed Driver’s Cap ( $10 )

Just a little cute… But I think it’s a little too crazy.


Fun Fedora  ( $10 )

No pink! That’s the only thing that really makes me like it :D.


Silver Sparkle Beanie  ( $10 )

This is pretty cute. And I think it would be even cuter on a doll. But I don’t need a doll hat, so it won’t be going on my list.


Rhinestone Baseball Cap  ( $10 )

Let’s think about this—would it actually stay on the doll’s head?

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 10.07.18 AM

Striped Hoodie  ( $14 )

Pretty cute, but–again–not going on my list.


Shearling Boots  ( $16 )

Ok, these would be cute if they didn’t have a big bow and weren’t purple—just not my style :).


Sparkle Sneakers  ( $14 )

These are really cute–if you like these kind of sneakers.


Hairstyle Tools  ( $20 )

Wowwww. That’s all I can say, wow–$20? Do any of you remember when $90 would buy a whole doll?


Stylin’ Bangs  ( $20 )

It’s a pretty good idea, but no. It would be super hard to put in your doll’s hair, and it wouldn’t be cute. (Plus, that picture is just creepy. And who needs one of every color of hair?)


Double Braid Headband  ( $20 )

I feel like it would be really hard to use… Well, I know I won’t be buying this. :p (Sorry I keep saying that.)


Terrier Puppy  ( $28 )

Ok…. in the Truly Me release did they just add a toy to the pets and up the price by $8?

Why couldn’t they keep Coconut? I will never really understand why people would buy AG pets; I mean why not just use a stuffed animal?


Flip-Top Desk  ( $58 )

If Loren hadn’t said anything, I wouldn’t have noticed, but the chair’s attached to the desk… And I feel like it’s a lot more cheesier than the old one. But it is cute :).


Hot Lunch Set ( $25 )

The straw comes OUT of the milk container!

Did AG get new designers that can actually make a realistic toy? I mean it’s so much more detailed than usual AG—it could come from OG! XD

But I don’t really like the brownie—they should have made that a cookie. But that’s okay; I like making my own doll cookies. Maybe I’ll post a blog about that soon.


Sport Storage Bench  ( $48 )

This is pretty cute, but they could have put just a couple more things in there, like a soccer ball, basketball, and a baseball.

But $48 is really high; I will not be buying this, even if it is a little cute.


Science Fair Set  ( $32 )

The telescope is so cute! But that’s really all I would use. Since it costs $32, I won’t even consider this one.


Slow Cooker Dinner Set  ( $58 )

Love, Love, Love!

The crock pot, the fried chicken, the butter dish, the BBQ sauce, the muffins, the forks, the prongs, and the fruit in the grapefruit rind are all so cute! (Did I mention I like this?)

But the only way I will be getting this is my birthday or Christmas. It’s so expensive. I definitely will be trying to re-create this one!


That’s all I’ve got for you guys today! I’m so excited to see these things in person at the AG store NEXT weekend (and I will be posting pictures of that)!

I would like to say thanks to American Girl for giving me more DIY ideas that I’ll be working on as soon as I get my doll house all set out. (Yup–the doll house is done and in my room! So I need to post this blog and get back to designing my set-up!)

Thanks for reading, and make sure to tell me what you think of the new Truly Me items. Better yet, please share your DIYs that are inspired by these new items! And look for part two (Beforever).


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You can paint your dolls’ nails?

Hi everyone!
Yes, you can paint your dolls’ nails. Isn’t that awesome?
Well, let’s stop wasting time and move on with the post!

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 1.14.10 PM

You will need three things to paint your dolls’ nails:

  1. Nail polish.
  2. Q-tip.
  3. Non-acetone nail polish remover. I have never tried just normal nail polish remover, because I have heard that it might fade your dolls’ skin color. I just like to stay on the safe side and use non-acetone. (I got this mini bottle at Target for 97 cents.)


Before you start to paint your dolls’ nails, make sure you don’t have too much on the brush.


And start painting away!


If you miss the nail a little, use your finger tip to get it off.


When you are ready to remove the nail polish on your dolls’ nails, you first want to pour some nail polish remover into the cap. Dip your Q-tip into the remover. And of course, you will need to scrub a little bit to get off the polish, but it will come off. 🙂


Once you are done with the remover, pour it back into the bottle, so you can use it in the future.


Tada… Now your dolls have snazzy nails. 🙂

You can also use non-acetone nail polish remover to scrub off any marks on your doll. Isn’t that great?

I hope your dolls enjoy their manicure.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 12.15.21 PM



Doll sized binder!

Hi everyone!

A while ago my family was browsing Staples, and my oldest sister found this super cute, American Girl-sized binder!


Right when I saw it, I fell in love. I just couldn’t bear how cute it was! The rest of the time I was in Staples I was just walking around staring at it and saying how cute it was.

(I think my sisters were getting annoyed.)


So I bought one, I mean how could I not? The colors they had where pink (eww), white (boring), black (too dark), dark blue (again, too dark), and teal (beautiful).

So I choose the beautiful one, duh! Here it is!


This is it, it is just like a human-sized binder you would get at Staples! It says it is a micro binder. It comes with 100 pages in it!


I took Molly up on the sunny, huge rocks to show off the binder 🙂

Anyway, Here is Molly holding it.


I have to admit, it is a pretty darn good size, and it’s not even American Girl!

If  you want a post on how I’m going to make it personalized and how I am doing it, tell me! (I hope so because I would love to show you!)

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed! Bye!

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P.S. It was $2.00.


Swap with Rebekah!

Hi everyone!

A couple of weeks ago Rebekah, from AmericanGirlGuide, visited and we did an AG swap! I’m going to show you what she made for me, and you can check out her blog to see what I swapped with her. Here are the AWESOME things she gave me!


#1 is this tiny lemonhead  box.

She filled it with beads to make it sound like there is candy in it, and it really sounds like there is!


#2 is a globe. It is not round, but it is really cute!


#3 is an adorable, red scrunchy. It fits perfectly!


#4 is a blue picture frame that says “confident” in it twice and has a quote in the middle.

This looks great in my doll’s room!


#5 is this super duper cute fun-and-games, doll-sized book. There are actually games inside like tic-tac-toe, crossword puzzles, and some other things. She got it in a 4th of July parade!


#6 is a charming pencil bag that Rebekah made! And she put stuff inside! Yay!



The things inside are a doll-sized eraser, a ruler, a paintbrush, and a pencil. She made the paintbrush with a toothpick and yarn. For the pencil, she used a Sharpie to turn a toothpick into a mini Ticonderoga. She printed the ruler.


#7 the next to last thing is this really cute Macbook. She made it and is on the screen! One more thing about this laptop is……..


A macbook sticker and a really cool design! Thank you Rebekah for making this for me!!


The last thing is the big one that she made for me a while ago, and I explained it could be part of the swap (even though she gave it to me a while ago). It is a pink couch with a matching pillow! I love it so much, and so do my dolls!

Don’t forget to check out the things that I made her by clicking right *HERE* While your at her blog you might-as-well follow her! Right? Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post, and make sure to come back for more collaborative sort of blogs with me and Rebekah!

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P.P.S. Make sure to look at Rebekah’s blog!!!

P.P.S. I will be posting this again, because I forgot two things she gave me Oops!

18″ doll eos lip balm

Hi Everyone!

Today I will be making a 18″ doll eos lip balm!

The things I used:


*Sculpey (oven-bake clay)


I used a skin color for the lip balm part and pink for the bottom holding part.


I started by kneading the lip balm part into a ball.

And then I cut it in half.


I also kneaded the pink into a ball but made sure it could stand up on its own.

Then with my finger I pushed a small dimple right in the middle.


Then I plopped my lip balm on top and kneaded it to make it stay on.

And I guess you are done, but you have to bake it on a piece of foil at 275 degrees.

I set a timer for about ten minutes and made sure to check it every couple minutes.


Happy Crafting!

Thanks for reading, Come back for more!

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