Flourishing by Restful Falls

Hey guys!

Guess what? I set up another WordPress blog; it’s a non-doll related blog about my life. Since I love writing I wanted to set it up so I can write whatever I want, whenever I want (not just all about DollDIYs). I am really excited, and I hope you all will be too!

On my new blog I’m gonna post art inspirations and photography,


random writing, homeschooling (what it’s like),


book reviews, inspirational posts (like the ones I do on this blog), DIYs (for you, the human) and cool stuff about my backyard and the creatures who live there!


When I write about dolls, it will still be right here, don’t worry.

If you want to get to know me more and read my writing, check out my new blog, Flourishing by Restful Falls

I hope you hop over there and follow me on both blogs. And make sure to tell me what you think.


13 thoughts on “Flourishing by Restful Falls

    • Ok, thank you so much. I think this tag is SO fun! Someone else nominated me so now I can do one on my other blog and one on here :). Thanks again :p. Oh, and thanks for following my other blogs, I just got an email about that :p.


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