18″ doll composition notebook

Hi Everyone,

Today I will be doing yet another simple craft:

a composition notebook for your 18″ doll.

The things you will need:






*Piece of card stock

*Lined paper

I am using a 2.5” by 3.5″ piece of card stock. I cut it in half, using a ruler.


Then trace that piece onto the lined paper. I made two, but you can do more.


Once that is done, you will be decorating the front.

First, I made a box right in the middle.


Now you will be doing the squiggly design with a sharpie.

Squiggle it all around the front and, if you would like, the back.


Put all the pages together, and staple it two times as close to the line as possible.

I colored over the staples with the sharpie and wrote ‘Math’ in the box.


Now you are done your doll composition book.


Happy Crafting.

Thanks for reading and come back for more!

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